Van Rijn Kids is a artistic company, founded in 2023 with experience since 1999, whose mission is to bring out the creative segments among young people, the elderly, but especially children. We do this through art on canvas, made by us, inspired by the customer.
We attach great importance to the growth of creativity. You can never start stimulating this too early. Our experience showed; that children who are brought up at a young age, they can quickly draw or draw ‘good’. Children can become very skilled at something as long as they are guided in the right direction. By maintaining this throughout the youngest years, children can build good vision, (time) management, insight, perspective and, above all, patience. Van Rijn Kids does not need to explain that these are skills that can be very useful in life. Unfortunately, these skills are not always supported good enough in schools.

Van Rijn Kids will soon start an initiative with primary schools to offer this service for a lower price to the parents of the children. We will also donate 15% of all profits to collaborating primary schools, with the aim of investing this money (by primary schools themselves) in a creative trajectory/project for students.

The service that Van Rijn Kids offers is not only for a beautiful thinking of at least 70 years on the wall of the cupboard, we also bring out the authenticity by being inspired by the drawing you submitted. The drawing can be from 25 years ago but also recently, made by young or old. Art is eternal, especially when a shared value is attached to it.

This is a service that you cannot find anywhere else today.